Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Toh-Plue, Chatuchak, Bangkok

On our way back to Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) from Yangon. 
Flying with Thailand's cool domestic carrier Nok Air. 

Sawasdee ka! Reuniting with Bangkok after 14 years and I was so excited to be back! The day we arrived, I had set aside the whole afternoon to visit our favourite place for shopping, Chatuchak. I cannot count the number of times I've been here and it brought back so much memories. I'm already missing this place again as I'm typing this. 

For those of you unfamiliar with JJ, as locals would call it, Chatuchak Weekend Market has 15,000 stalls selling almost anything from clothes, silk, souvenirs, handicrafts, furniture, home decors, ceramic ware, wood carvings, plants, pets, etc. It is the largest market in Thailand by far and one of the largest weekend markets in the world. 
  It is certainly a place one must visit when in Bangkok. 

 Look how huge these prawns are!

We were also back at Toh Plue, the only restaurant with A/C in this huge market. Trust me, you would want air conditioning when visiting Chatuchak Market. The thing is, this restaurant can be a bit hard to find especially if you are not familiar with the area so I have included a map of the market below. The restaurant is located in Section 27 which is in the north west of the clock tower. 
We love the food. The dishes were all very tasty and delicious but it's not something I would make a special trip to because it's located quite far from downtown Bangkok. On the other hand, if you plan to visit Chatuchak Market then this is by far the best place to have a meal around the area.

Iced Coffee, Thai Iced Tea, Mango Shake

Deep Fried Crispy Catfish and Spicy Mango Salad

Raw Shrimp Marinated in Lime Juice and Fish Sauce

Cat Fish Curry

Grilled Pork Neck

Mango Sticky Rice with Ice Cream

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Toh -Plue
Chatuchak Market, Section 27, Bangkok, Thailand

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Henri Charpentier Bar Maison, Ginza

Enjoyed a late night Crepes Suzette with my DH at Henri Charpentier which is only a short walk from our hotel in Ginza. The bar sits only 8 but you can always make a reservation. This place exudes a certain sophistication and looks luxurious and stylish. This is absolutely one of the best cosy places to relax and enjoy an afternoon or late night dessert. A must-try is their Crepe Suzette it is Henri Charpentier’s original and signature dish which the chef will make/perform in front of you. The crepe was downright delicious and has perfect texture and the sweetness was just right. Besides crepes, they also offer other baked sweets, coffee and alcoholic drinks.

Henri Charpentier was a 19th century French chef who created the flaming dessert, Crepe Suzette. The dish was created from a mistake made by Henri Charpentier in 1895 who was just a fourteen-year-old assistant waiter at the Maitre at Monte Carlo's Café de Paris as he was preparing a dessert for the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VII of United Kingdom, whose guests included a beautiful French girl named Suzette. 
This story was told by Charpentier himself in Life à la Henri, his autobiography.
 "It was quite by accident as I worked in front of a chafing dish that the cordials caught fire. I thought it was ruined. The Prince and his friends were waiting. How could I begin all over? I tasted it. It was, I thought, the most delicious medley of sweet flavors I had ever tasted. I still think so. That accident of the flame was precisely what was needed to bring all those various instruments into one harmony of taste . . . He ate the pancakes with a fork; but he used a spoon to capture the remaining syrup. He asked me the name of that which he had eaten with so much relish. I told him it was to be called Crêpes Princesse. He recognized that the pancake controlled the gender and that this was a compliment designed for him; but he protested with mock ferocity that there was a lady present. She was alert and rose to her feet and holding her little skirt wide with her hands she made him a curtsey. 'Will you,' said His Majesty, 'change Crêpes Princesse to Crêpes Suzette?' Thus was born and baptized this confection, one taste of which, I really believe, would reform a cannibal into a civilized gentleman. The next day I received a present from the Prince, a jeweled ring, a panama hat and a cane."

Sugar, Butter, Orange Juice and Marnier cognac liqueur added into the hot pan.

The chef flambéing the crepes in front of the guests.

The French classic dessert Crepe Suzette to be enjoyed with vanilla ice cream.

Henri Charpentier
Yonei Building 1F/B1F 2-8-20 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Isomaru Suisan, Shinjuku, Tokyo

This restaurant will wow everyone any time of the day, 24 hours a day. Guests can cook their own seafood to their own liking on hibachi grills. Great place to take the whole family or friends for a fun cooking experience. This place is owned by a fish wholesaler so it serves very delicious fresh seafoods at reasonable prices. It's quite popular among the locals and often has a long queue outside. It took us around 40 minutes before we were given a table but well worth the wait.
While you're there don't forget to look up, Godzilla's head could be seen poking out of Hotel Gracery.


Omelette with tiny white fish

Isomaru Suisan, Shinjuku
1 Chome-14-3 Kabukicho, 新宿区 Tokyo 160-0021, Japan
Located near Hotel Gracery where you will find Godzilla.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Frankie's Food Factory, Glenhaven

 Sydney Hills has an array of beautiful nursery cafes and restaurants and Frankie's in Glenhaven is one of them. This modern-rustic cafe is located in the grounds of Flower Power with beautiful surroundings, wide spaces and great water views. They also have indoor playground for kids to play while adults can sip coffee, relax and soak up the peaceful rural atmosphere. Service can be a bit slow but the food made up for it. We had a lovely afternoon teatime here and planning to return often.
"A Sunday well spent brings a week of content."

Double Stack Banana Pancakes with White Chocolate Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream and Peanut Brittle Flakes

Nutella Crepes served with White Chocolate Sauce and Caramelised Banana

Sweet Potato and Kale Crisps Spinkled with Feta and Sumac

Frankie's Food Factory
609 Old Northern Rd, Glenhaven NSW 2156